STÉRIMAR ® Paediatric nasal cleaner

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STÉRIMAR ® innovates and now offers the 1st Paediatric nasal cleaner with 2 reusable nozzle sizes, especially designed to grow with your baby’s nostrils.

In addition to cleansing the nose, you can also unblock baby’s nose using the STÉRIMAR Paediatric nasal cleaner:

  • to suck excessive nasal secretions out
  • to help baby breath easier
  • to facilitate feeding and sleeping.

The STÉRIMAR Paediatric NASAL CLEANER gently removes nasal mucus, relieving baby’s nose and facilitating breathing. It is recommended to use the nasal cleaner at least once a day, especially before a meal, and up to six times a day in case of a very congested nose.
Easy to use and hygienic, this Paediatric nasal cleaner is designed to guarantee maximum efficacy in total safety.
It can be used from birth up until the child knows how to blow his/her nose, around 3 years of age.

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Thanks to its 2 different nasal nozzles, the STÉRIMAR Paediatric nasal cleaner is adapted to the different ages and nostrils of a growing baby:

0 to 3 months Baby nozzle The blue nozzle, with a rounded shape, is suitable for small nostrils from 0 to 3 months old ;

4 months onwards Baby nozzle

The transparent nozzle, with a longer extremity, is especially designed
for babies from 4 months onwards.

In case of infection and in association with STÉRIMAR Paediatric nasal cleaner use STÉRIMAR Disposable nozzles available in refill parks of 10 to prevent any contamination.

STÉRIMAR baby advices for your baby’s nasal daily hygiene:

1) Nasal cleansing

Especially designed for infants and babies’ nose, STÉRIMAR baby Nasal Hygiene spray clears the nose of impurities and helps to reduce the risk of further nasal conditions in the ENT area. It is recommended for daily use for an optimal hygiene routine.

In the case of a particularly congested nose, use the STÉRIMAR baby- child-Blocked Nose spray, a hypertonic copper enriched solution which helps to remove excess mucus and helps to prevent the development of bacteria.

2) The nose blowing

With 2 different nasal nozzles adapted to the age of the baby, the STÉRIMAR Paediatric nasal cleaner gently and safety sucks excessive nasal secretions out allowing your child to breath comfortably again.

Babies less than 12 months are obligate nose breathers. Up to the age of three, children cannot blow their noses on their own. When the nose is congested both babies and children find it difficult to breathe, eat and sleep that is the reason why it is important for parents to take care of their child’s nose hygiene.

STÉRIMAR baby, a complete and expert range dedicated to babies nasal hygiene and care.